Power Outlet Recessing

Edited Background picture

What’s wrong with this Picture?

For me it’s the huge gap between the bed-side table and the wall, I’m not sure about you but it drives me crazy. Not only is it unsightly and inconvenient – the numbers of times i’ve dropped my phone down the back of that table – it also encroaches on the usable space in the room.Edited Background picture

The cultprit is always the same:


Lamp plugs and phone charges push furniture off walls, be it bedside tables, fridges, televisions or cabinetry. Not only is this unsightly it often results in damage to the plugs themselves and can be electrically hazardous.

North Gold Coast Electrical’s solution in this instance was to fix the problem and eliminate the hazard by recess mounting the outlet itself.


By recess mounting the power outlet and using a fitting with an integrated fast charge USB outlet I’ve both eliminate the need for a bulky phone charge block and have been able to protect the Lamp plug inside the recess.

The result:


Annoying & ugly gap almost completely eliminated.
Using these recesses is a great solution for any cabinetry or appliance whose plug base is forcing them off the wall, that might mean your fridge sits back flush with surrounding cabinetry or that you don’t have to void your TV’s warranty by replacing the plug with a side-mount plug when installing to a slimline wall bracket.

Installation of a recessed outlet involves hard-wiring of electrical installations, it should not be attempted by anyone other then a licensed electrician.

For info on this remedy or for any of your electrical needs give North Gold Coast Electrical’s team of skilled Gold Coast Electrician a call today.

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Project Complete: Parklands Christian College Sports Hall


North Gold Coast Electrical has recently completed one of its biggest projects to date, a covered sports hall/multipurpose use building at Parklands Christian College.

The project commenced in late 2016 and was completed in February.

Our works included extensive sub-mains to power the building, control cabling for existing services such as sewer pumping sub stations, fibre connection into the main building and the integration of new services with the schools existing services.

17310322_1484989774904777_4301744500019075382_o 17310967_1484988711571550_8138761917954423376_o
Gone are the days of flipping numbers on the school scoreboard, cabling for these countdown clocks was an interesting new venture for NGCE.

17349581_1484988581571563_1301466502590228964_o 17350005_1484989558238132_1335558182061545038_o

The new building includes service amenities, staffing and teaching facilities and rooms.

17350034_1484988691571552_4328488300944866028_o 17358871_1484988701571551_449533324131449298_o 17359121_1484988668238221_6143924543061642651_o 17359484_1484989288238159_8583282010281099956_o


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Survey Results – Customer Feedback

Electrican Gold Coast

Posting another lot of customer feedback from our Customer Survey 2017

We thank all our valued customers who have taken part and shared this awesome feedback with us.

Electrican Gold Coast

Electrican Gold Coast

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Survey Results

100 percent

North Gold Coast Electrical is Appreciative of our customers feedback, we’ve had some great results and we thought we would share some responses with our readers.

100 percent

We’re over the moon with this answer, 100% of our clients are planning on using the services of our qualified Gold Coast electricians again. This is the sort of feedback that keeps us endeavouring to do our best work at all times.

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NGCE Customer Survey 2017


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New Project: Kookai Pacific Fair

Gold Coast Electrician

The new Kookai store at Pacific Fair, Broadbeach has been another project North Gold Coast Electricals electricians have been proud to complete works on.

The store itself is stand-alone in the open air area that delivers the exclusive boutique experience Pacific Fair is famous for.

Gold Coast Electrician

Gold Coast Electrician: Kookai Pacific Fair Shop Front

North Gold Coast Electricals experienced team of local electricians worked with Krueger Shopfitters on the project, pursuing the highest quality of finishes and latest in contemporary lighting design. The result is a warm and inviting luxury boutique in the heart of the Gold Coast.

File_000 (15)  File_000 (13) File_000 (11)

Track lighting recess-mounted into painted-mdf & plaster ceilings allows for directional illumination, highlighting key range’s and driving point of sale presentation

File_000 (10)

Carefully selected wall sconce lights not only gently illuminate the products displayed around them, they exude the luxury expected of Kookai.

File_000 (9)

As we have come to find with the Kookai projects we’ve been involved with, such as the boutique at the Brickworks in Southport, their lighting design is always on point.


LED-Strip lighting, diffused and recessed above eye-level highlights the architectural and design features of the space.

KOOKAI-–-Pacific-Fair-QLD-4 KOOKAI-–-Pacific-Fair-QLD-9KOOKAI-–-Paci)

What clearer demonstration of the importance of lighting design to a store then a one of a kind pendant light hung low and central in the Waiting Husband chairs of this sublime space?

If you’re a builder, proprietor or designer looking to team up with the best in Gold Coast Electricans and mutually pursue excellence, then contact North Gold Coast Electrical today.



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New Project: Goerg Jensen, Pacific Fair.

File_000 (1)

The renovations of Pacific Fair shopping centre in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast has given North Gold Coast Electrical’s team of experienced Electricians several opportunities to apply their industry leading trade craft.

The construction of the new Georg Jensen boutique at Pacific Fair is an achievement we’re proud to have played our part in.

File_000 (1)

The store is a great example of using LED lighting to highlight a product range.

File_000 (4)

Display windows to outside have dozens of LED downlights in each window-box.

File_000 (2)File_000 (3)

Inside, display casses have hardwired lighting installed into them, allowing for targeted illumination of key products. Elsewhere downlights are used both as a feature built-in to shelving and to provide general lighting.

To find out how North Gold Coast Electrical can help upgrade your bricks & mortar retail operation call us today on 07 55 000 222.

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What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Test Art

North Gold Coast Electrical is a full service Gold Coast based electrician, our team is experienced in a range of fields including electrical installations and servicing, communications cabling and servicing and the supply and installation of electronic security systems such as alarms and intercoms.

Part of our service is attending homes and businesses to thermally image their switchboards and electrical installations. Thermal imaging is an exciting advancement in our industry and North Gold Coast Electrical is proud to be part of the forefront of this technology.

If you would like to know more about thermal imaging and the ways North Gold Coast Electrical can use this technology for you then give us a call today or read on through this post.

What is Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging uses the science of thermography to identify radiating heat levels and produce an infra-red image.

Thermal Test Art

Because thermal cameras can see radiating heat they provide a safe and effective means for an electrician to look at any electrical installation and immediately see if there are unusual heat levels in cabling or electrical appliances.


There are several reasons why excessive heats should be a cause of concern  for property owners, tenants and employees. North Gold Coast Electricals team of experience Electricians early intervention can provide a range of benefits:


Excessive heats in cabling installations are caused most often by higher then expected electrical currents, an electrical current works like water pressure forcing electricity through your premises. Where loose terminals, shoddy workmanship or damaged cables cause increases in electrical current

Quality Assurance

As electricians, we are regularly called to homes and businesses that have suffered nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or associated failures in their switchboard. Often these nuisance trips are caused by loose terminals and poor connections in electrical switchgear. Taking thermal images of electrical installations can identify these concerns before they occur and save time and money by avoiding power losses.


North Gold Coast Electrical is a Gold Coast based, family owned and operated electrician whose highest priority is safety. Not just for our staff but also for our valued clients and the public. Electrical faults with high temperatures can ignite flammable materials in roof-spaces and walls. In recent years incidences of resulting fires have surged and their tragic and costly consequences are regularly noted in the media.

So call North Gold Coast Electrical today to get a quote on having your place inspected today!

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Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical Safety

Is your home electrically safe?

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Regardless of whether you’ve lived in a home for years or you’ve just moved in, as power consumption and temperatures rise old and damaged electrical installations and cabling can pose real safety risks for your family and your home.

Responding to the concerns of our valued customers North Gold Coast Electrical has put together a Electrical Safety Test we can conduct at your home for the low price of $275.00. We use the most advanced testing technologies and techniques, combined with our years of industry expertise to assess your cabling for potentially hazardous damage, Including thermally imaging your switchboard, a testing procedure that can often run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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November Special: Electronic Security System

Security System

Special Offer: Get a security system installed by North Gold Coast Electrical in the month of November and for $99 you can upgrade to an intuitive touchscreen keypad!

Security System

Security System

(Click Image to enhance)

* Terms & Conditions Apply:

  • Not to be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • Prices are valid for month of November 2016, subject to change.
  • Listed price is a base quote, based on a single story pitched-roof-accessible home with readily accessible data and power to position of security panel installation for customers located within the Gold Coast city region.
  • Quoted price is for domestic installations, additional expenses may incur for commercial clients.
  • Quoted price does not include extended network configuration occasioned by non-standard  LAN set-ups.
  • Touchscreen upgrade is $99 for upgrade from a standard keypad, additional keypads in an installation are subject to separate quotation and cost structure.
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